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“I find your paintings very unique and arresting. - they are dark and dramatic with haunting overtones achieved through your serious use of color and delicate and almost hidden imagery. Your work reminds me a bit of Marc Chagall in it’s narrative -surreal and somewhat folkloric . There is a ghostly other- worldly feel to all of your pieces that make them very fascinating works to really observe and remember.  In summation, my response to your work is that it is very fine- your fine line work juxtaposed with more heavy color layer applications is very original -there is an organic emotion to all of your pieces. The works are beautiful and special.”              

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield
Illustrator-Fine Artist



Tau, Norway

7 - 27 July 2019


i paint a life

my pictures is painted from my life with love and passion
to the sunrise and the silence in my pain.

Jarl Goli Nye orginaler 2018-2019

Jarl Goli nye orginaler. selges etter avtale og kan besiktiges ved Museo Delso i Alfaz del Pi.